I’m an iOS Developer, a stem cell researcher, and I study ancient Hebraic texts.

I integrate my passions and hope to save the world, one experiment at a time.

iOS Development

My foray into the world of science began when I received a computer game for my 4th birthday. I opened my first email account at the age of 5, began programming at 8, and ranked in the top 12 juniors nationwide in the USA Computing Olympiad.

My projects

Ancient Texts

My innovations help us progress into the future, but my mindset is influenced by the past. I study ancient Hebraic texts, won international competitions, and gave a TED Talk. I founded a non-profit organization to empower homeless and abused children through debate.

My studies


Top Jewish Applications

Mishneh Torah for iOS featured in: When It Comes to Technology, Hold on To Your App: The Top Jewish Applications of 2011 and a Look to the Future

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Columbia University

Independently developing iOS software entitled Novel Vein Visibility Quantification Mechanisms in collaboration with physicians and researchers.

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Jewish Voice and Opinion

"Just recently, in a breath-taking sign of the times, a 16-year-old Teaneck resident repackaged [the Mishneh Torah] into a beautifully designed iPhone and iPad app."

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All Jewish Digital

"The Mishneh Torah app is perfect for personal, group, or classroom study. The beautifully designed interface makes this digital version a pleasure to read."

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USA Computing Olympiad

Compete in monthly olympiads testing algorithmic and programming skills. Gold Division Qualifier & Top 12 High School Juniors Nationwide, 2012-2013.

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Jewish iCommunity

"Mishneh Torah for iOS is the newest app of this kind in the App Store, created by Joshua Meier." This app leads in contrast to the competition.

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Study faster, keep track of your classes, and challenge your friends to procrastination battles via Facebook!

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Mishneh Torah for iOS

Published nearly 1,000 years ago, this ancient code of Jewish Law is now revitalized for the iPhone and iPad!

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Jewish Treats

Juicy bits of Judaism - Daily! Jewish Treats shares interesting and enjoyable observations about Judaism, or as we call them: Juicy Bits of Judaism.

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Scientific American

"Provita, a company staffed entirely by kids under 18, is working on a project to use mosquitoes to help carry important vaccines."

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The Record

"Meier's project attempted to discover why artificially generated stem cells cannot be used in medical research."

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Technion - Haifa, Israel

Developed a novel therapeutic target, studied molecular interactions and established connections between forms of Parkinson’s disease.

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Harvard Medical School

Invited to pursue self-designed mitochondrial quality control mechanisms and stem cell improvement under Professor David Sinclair.

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Fast Company

7 Kids Changing Science for the better: "These kids are making huge advancements in their fields, despite the fact that they aren’t even old enough to vote."

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Yeshiva Sanity

Bergen Academies Student Excels in Torah and Science: "He studies...but it seems to be paying off."

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Curious Young Writers

Published author as a Curious Young Writer by the New Jersey Association of Biomedical Research, 2012

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Provita Pharmaceuticals

Directing finance, marketing, development, and international teams. Developing drugs involving vaccine delivery and treatment for hemophiliacs.

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AOL Video

AOL On Tech by GeoBeats did a video feature on "Teen Inventors Want Mosquitoes to Carry Vaccines.

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Israel - National TV

My uncle was lying in bed, watching the nightly news. Suddenly his nephew appears on the screen. "16 year-old Joshua Meier from the USA..."

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Stanford Medicine

"The full story reminded me of the innovative projects from the program at Stanford, where high-school students spend the summer conducting research."

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"Teaneck's Joshua Meier is a Google Science Fair Finalist...and also took second place in the Intel International Science Fair."

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Google Science Fair

Finalist in the 2012 Google Science Fair for project, The Missing Genome: Mitochondrial DNA Deletions in Stem Cells.

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Siemens Competition

One of six National Finalists in the Siemens Competition and regional winner at MIT. One MIT judge said, "Joshua's work provides a potential solution..."

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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Second place, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2012.

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Ancient Texts


I gave a TED talk titled Shaping the Mind: Ancient Hebraic Texts at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, Washington in September, 2012.

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Rescue the Voice

Abused children live in silence, while debaters can be very active. I founded this non-profit to use debate strategies to give voices to those who need them.

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Joshua Meier’s Address to Future Scholars

In May 2011, I was invited to speak of my experiences at the National finals of the Bible Contest.

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First Place: USA National Bible Contest

In 2009, I placed first in the USA in the National Bible Contest. "This year's contest was harder."

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First Place: International Jerusalem Contest

In 2007, I placed first in the world in the International Jerusalem Contest, a Middle Eastern history competition.

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Sixth Place: International Bible Contest

In 2010, I placed sixth in the world in the International Bible Contest, assessing knowledge on over 400 chapters of material.

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